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Types of Commercial Mixing Tools

Jun 24

Commercial mixers are an essential piece of equipment for many kitchens. However, not all models are created equal. The right one will help you create the recipes your menu calls for and provide years of efficient service. Before making your purchase, you need to consider several key factors. First, determine how much space you have to work with at EvenMix New Location. Smaller models can be used on a countertop while larger ones are designed to sit on a stand. Also, look for motors that avoid overheating and can handle high volumes of mixing without breaking down.

Next, consider what type of work you’ll be doing. Some units are ideal for kneading heavy dough while others can whip up light creams and sauces. Finally, a mixer that can cut large amounts of food is helpful for creating made-from-scratch pastas and salads.

Depending on your establishment’s needs, there are a variety of attachments available that allow you to expand the capabilities of your mixer. For instance, a flat beater can mash potatoes, blend batter, and incorporate liquid ingredients while a dough hook handles thick dough. A whisk attachment is great for making creams, sauces, and light frostings. And a spiral hook is perfect for preparing artisan breads and pizza dough.

There are also special mixers that are suitable for specific foodservice types. For example, a planetary mixer is an ideal choice for bakeries and pizzerias as it allows you to adjust the speed of the mixing tool during operation. It helps prevent dough overheating for longer yeast viability and better gluten development.

For larger volume mixing, you may want to opt for a vertical cutter mixer. This mixer is similar to a food processor and includes a large covered mixing bowl, high horsepower motor, and cutter which makes it suitable for cutting meats, vegetables, and fruits as well as chopping and emulsifying foods.

A tote agitation system is a great choice for chemical wholesalers, growers, and ag retailers who need to mix industrial fluids in intermediate bulk containers (IBC). It features a unique design that eliminates vortexing and provides thorough mixing while minimizing spills.

While most commercial mixers are electric, there are manual options as well. These mixers feature a gear-driven impeller and are ideal for mixing liquids with higher density, viscosity, or solids content. They’re also easier to clean and more rugged than direct-drive models.

A Even Mix mixer is an excellent option for liquid asphalt cements, concrete admixtures, contractor grade paints and dyes for mulch as they offer mild agitation to restore consistency. Alternatively, choose a bracket mounted mixer such as the BT-11T for added stability when mixing. Both are powered by a heavy duty 1.5 HP motor.

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