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Staffing Advisors: Headhunter in Fairfax

Jan 6

In a typical hiring process in Fairfax VA, the resume often bars the door to diversifying the candidate pool. We all form these mental pictures of what a "good" resume should look like, and managers are prone to reject people who do not fit our mental image. In that way, we're all prisoners of our own experience. If a hiring manager has never seen someone with an unusual background succeed, they unwittingly rule it out as a possibility. But when they see evidence of that person’s success in the supplemental information, that perception shifts. The Executive Recruiter Fairfax at Staffing Advisors knows from experience that candidates with non-traditional resumes can be a delightful surprise in the interview.  Contact the team and learn more about them.

We are a result-based company.

We're a local Search Committee Fairfax and have helped many organizations source the right employees. We use a result-based hiring process to help you recruit employees. The results-based hiring process is faster, more specific, and far less expensive than the costly approaches found elsewhere. Our industry-leading 18-month replacement guarantee will protect you.

We care about your company.

Everyone wants to hire the most qualified candidates, but the most familiar hiring practices tend to value personal opinion over facts. And, as comfortable as we all are with our opinions, extensive research reveals how pervasively our personal opinions lead to unintentional bias, missed opportunities, and outright hiring mistakes. Our Executive Search Firm Fairfax will help you.

We are trendy 

You'll see in the research that outdated hiring practices often result in hiring people demographically similar to their hiring manager. And the advent of entirely virtual interviews scrambles the hiring decision in new ways. Our executive search firm Fairfax at Staffing Advisors, works hard to eliminate all bias in the hiring process. Kindly talk to us today.

All our services are affordable.

We understand the pandemic nature of the economy and wouldn’t wish to cause you a fortune to help you place the right workforce in your company. Our Headhunter Fairfax operates on the premise that local companies deserve top-rated talents. Therefore, our happy clients drive our commitment to deliver services our clients take pride in. 

We are dedicated

We are dedicated to ensuring that your company grows to your expected level because we know you deserve the best. We also ensure that the candidates we place in your company are best fitted to offer heightened performance. 

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